SINTEF Bedrock Platform / Toolbox – Pipeline and Components

Defined in Task

  • Task 4.1 Interoperability toolbox
  • Task 5.1 Plant digital twins with ML/AI
  • Task 5.4 Hybrid digital twins
  • Task 5.5 Cognitive digital twins

    Short description

    The BEDROCK Toolbox is a flexible and easily deployable software bundle of modules developed as a platform to be deployed on various servers – with one instance running on local machines and servers at SINTEF Industry. The list of available toolbox modules consists of open-source components and SINTEF in-house developed code. The framework is applied as the foundation for digital twinning R&D activities, process control and data analytics.

    The purpose of the toolbox is to enable a framework for collaborative development of various applications with easy access to the tools needed. The toolbox enables easy access to data through shared databases and components with flexible web-based dashboard solutions for visualization.

    The framework is the underlying toolbox ("the bedrock") for several SINTEF activities on advanced process control, digital twin, pilot plant operation, process data analytics and research data management for process plants. It is applied for workflow management in SINTEFs pilot plants and as a sandbox for development of software modules that later can be distilled into contributions to commercial solutions.

    Example of usage

    Illustration of an example Bedrock Toolbox deployment:


    • Python, Matlab or similar
    • InfluxDB API
    • PostgreSQL API - with TimeScaleDB extension
    • MQTT brokers
    • Kafka brokers
    • REST-API
    • OPC UA
    • Web application - with flexible dashboards as part of a customizable website framework.
    • SharePoint – import or export of files

    Subordinates and platform dependencies

    Based on several open-source platforms.


    Various open source licenses.


    5-6 for the overall combined framework


    To be considered in particular for the following COGNITWIN pilots

    Sidenor and Sumitomo