Cybernetica Modelfit


Cybernetica Modelfit

Defined in Task

5.4 Hybrid Digital Twins

Short description

Cybernetica ModelFit is a tool used for off-line estimation of model states and parameters, for model validation, and for design of the on-line estimation part of Cybernetica CENIT applications. ModelFit is used to decide which model parameters should be estimated on-line, to design the on-line estimators, and to estimate the parameters that are considered constant. ModelFit interfaces to Cybernetica Model and Application Components, and it supports the same model formats as CENIT.

Example of usage

Cybernetica ModelFit user interface:

The features of Cybernetica ModelFit include:

  • Design and tuning of on-line estimators in CENIT applications.
  • Estimation of constant or time varying model parameters.
  • Estimation of initial states.
  • Simultaneous use of multiple data sets.
  • Parameter identifiability analysis.

Cybernetica ModelFit is flexible with respect to configuration of the parameter estimation. Parameters can be time varying or constant. Multiple data sets from different operating conditions may be used to find the best parameter fit taken all data sets into account.



Subordinates and platform dependencies



Cybernetica ModelFit licenses are provided free of charge for the duration of the COGNITWIN-project for project partners who need such license to execute their work in the project. Should the project result be taken into permanent use after the end of the project, licenses are provided on fair and reasonable terms as stated in the Grant Agreement.


9 – Commercial product.


To be considered in particular for the following COGNITWIN pilots

Hydro, Elkem.