Cybernetica OPC-UA Server


Cybernetica OPC-UA Server

Defined in Task

Task 4.3 Sensors, Understanding Sensor Data & Quality Assurance

Short description

The Cybernetica OPC-UA Server is a general purpose OPC-UA server supporting the Data Access (DA) interface. It can be used as a hub for exchanging real-time data from processes with other clients that support OPC UA.

The OPC UA server has a plugin API that allows specialized plugins to be developed. These can be used to collect and distribute data from other data sources (like databases, process control systems or simulators).

Example of usage

Example 1: Real-time data exchange

Example 2: Distributing data from a database (or DCS or some other source)



Subordinates and platform dependencies



Cybernetica OPC UA DA Server licenses are provided free of charge for the duration of the COGNITWIN-project for project partners who need such license to execute their work in the project. Should the project result be taken into permanent use after the end of the project, licenses are provided on fair and reasonable terms as stated in the Grant Agreement.




To be considered in particular for the following COGNITWIN pilots

Hydro, Elkem.