Cybernetica RealSim


Cybernetica RealSim

Defined in Task

5.4 Hybrid Digital Twins

Short description

Cybernetica RealSim is a plant replacement process simulator used for testing of CENIT or other control applications. It communicates over the OPC protocol in order to replicate the interface to the DCS at the plant as closely as possible. It interfaces to Cybernetica Model and Application Components. The plant replacement model might be the same as the model used in CENIT or it might be a different one in order to evaluate how the controller responds to model uncertainty and unknown process disturbances. Cybernetica RealSim is typically used during application development and for factory acceptance tests (FAT).

Example of usage

Example of Cybernetica RealSim user interface:



Subordinates and platform dependencies



Cybernetica RealSim licenses are provided free of charge for the duration of the COGNITWIN-project for project partners who need such license to execute their work in the project. Should the project result be taken into permanent use after the end of the project, licenses are provided on fair and reasonable terms as stated in the Grant Agreement.




To be considered in particular for the following COGNITWIN pilots

Hydro, Elkem.