TIA UX - Industrial Control and Visualization Panel

Defined in Task


Short description

TIA UX supports the digital twin by means of visual components presenting the generated data which is retrieved from, and processed within other TIA 4.0 components.

The purpose of TIA UX is to visualize the digital twin. TIA UX visualizes the historical, real time data as trend graphs, and status reports by means of different types of graphical elements. Both real-time and processed information that are used for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of SWP are visualized by TIA UX.

Example of usage

Sample TIA UX components are presented in the following Figures.

Figure 1- TIA UX Sample GUI for External Welding of SWP displaying Real-Time sensor Data

Figure 2- Real-Time ML Sample GUI visualized by TIA UX


TIA UX uses real time sensor data and predictions as input and displays them in the forms of visual elements to the users.

Subordinates and platform dependencies

Being a web application, TIA UX is platform independent, it can run on many different types of browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Opera, etc.


Proprietary/ Subject to license




The current TRL is 5-6 running to be TRL 7.

To be considered in particular for the following COGNITWIN pilots