Emission (Gas Treatment Center) temperature and fan control

Pipeline name

Emission (Gas Treatment Center) temperature and fan control

Pipeline overview

Pipeline components

The following components are used in the pipeline:

Digital Twin Data Acquisition/Collection:

Digital Twin Representation:

Hybrid/Cognitive Digital Twin:

Digital Twin Visualisation and Control:

Pipeline example description

Data Sources:

  • Weather data is collected from Norwegian Meteorological Institute
  • Process data from cells and GTC

Data Processors:

  • MAI queries and collects weather data through MET API, prepares data for OPC UA
  • Hydro OPC UA and GTC OPC UA expose process data to data processors
  • OPC UA collects data from various sources and makes it available to Cybernetica CENIT, Cybernetica ModelFit & Cybernetica Viewer
  • Cybernetica CENIT and Cybernetica ModelFit perform online/offline optimization, respectively

Data Sinks:

  • Optimal control sequence as calculated by Cybernetica CENIT is implemented in control system
  • Data is visualized graphically to the user using Cybernetica Viewer

Defined in COGNITWIN WPs

WP1 Hydro pilot + WP5 + WP4