COGNITWIN Toolbox Portal

The COGNITWIN Toolbox is structured according to a defined Digital Twin pipeline, comprising a set of different Digital Twin (DT) supporting components. These component will typically be connected and configured together in different ways for different pipeline instances in various application contexts.

As shown in the figure, four main steps for the pipeline have been defined, corresponding to 1) DT data acquisition tools & services, 2) DT representation tools & services, 3) DT analytics tools & services, and 4) DT visualization and control tools & services that will be explained below.

Digital Twin Pipelines

Emission (Gas Treatment Center) temperature and fan control

Demonstrated through a pipeline implementation in a Hydro Aluminum plant.


Temperature in tapping stream and Slag in refining ladle

Demonstrated through a pipeline implementation in an Elkem Silicon plant.


Predictive Maintenance of Machinery

Demonstrated through a pipeline implementation in a Noksel Steel plant.


Rolling Mill Tracking System

Demonstrated through a pipeline implementation in a Saarstahl Steel plant.


Hybrid model for ladle refractory wear

Demonstrated through a pipeline implementation in a Sidenor Steel plant.


Boiler fouling management

Demonstrated through a pipeline implementation in a Sumitomo Boiler installation.


Digital Twin Data Acquisition Tools & Services



Weather data from for application in model of industrial process.

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Cybernetica OPC-UA Server

The Cybernetica OPC-UA Server is a general purpose OPC-UA server supporting the Data Access (DA) interface.

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FUSE OPC-UA is a tool enabling the necessary data transfer during on-line operation of FUSE state estimation tool.

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TIA CONNECT enable non-experts to create data stream pipes that end with Cassandra and Fiware.

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Big Data Pipelines Deployment Framework (BDPDF)

A framework to allow high-level design/specification of scalability aspects of Big Data processing pipelines and their deployment on the continuum computing infrastructure.

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This tool allows to perform machine learning / deep learning algorithm inference in real time on images data source.

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Lodur is a frame grabber. It is responsible for connecting a camera to an FPGA platform (Honir).

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The BEDROCK Toolbox is a flexible and easily deployable software bundle of modules developed as a platform to be deployed on various servers – with one instance running on local machines and servers at SINTEF Industry.

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TIA IoT is a platform that is used to acquire, collect and store sensor and PLC data.

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Digitial Twin Representation Tools & Services

Digital Twin


Fraunhofer AAS Tools (FA3ST) for Digital Twins.

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Aerial Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a technique for the capturing of three-dimensional (3D) models from real world environments. The technique works by taking images from manually selected positions and reconstructing a 3D model from the images.

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"Pragmatism in physics-based modeling" is a method/framework for developing physics-based mathematical models.

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The goal of this component is to formalize human tacit knowledge and make it available to other software components. This will be done by generating machine-processable rules based on spoken input.

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TIA DATA-GEN (MATLAB Synthetic Data Generator for Electro Mechanical parts) is a synthetic data generator for common electro mechanical parts, including electric DC motors and a hydraulic shaft.

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TIA PREMA (MATLAB Predictive Maintenance for Electro Mechanical Components) is a model used for predictive maintenance of DC motor, gearbox and hydraulic press.

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The framework covers aspects related to Digital Twin data representation, data storage, and support for discrete/continuous simulation.

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Event Processing

StreamPipes Siddhi-Processor

StreamPipes Siddhi-Processor is a component that enables analysis of data streams in a context of CEP (Complex Event Processing) using StreamPipes as underlying platform.

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CEP Editor

The editor provides a graphical user interface to create, modify and deploy complex event processing (CEP) patterns.

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Data Spaces

IDS Connectors

Over the IDS Connector, industrial data clouds, individual enterprise clouds, on-premise applications and individual, connected devices can be connected to the International Data Space ecosystem.

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Trusted Factory Connector (IDS)

The Trusted Factory Connector is based on the AISEC Trusted Connector and is the central gateway to the IDS network.

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Digital Twin Analytics Tools & Services

Cognitive Twin


Hybrid model Designer for StreamPipes-based Toolbox (to be used for the realization of the Hybrid Twin models and services).

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Cognition-based Decision Making Configurator for StreamPipes-based Toolbox (to be used for the realization of the Cognitive Twin services).

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Machine Learning


Bonzai is Scortex python library handling everything related to deep learning on images.

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This tool allows to fill the gap between machine / deep learning development environments and FPGA development environments.

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Neuroscope is a visual debugger for convolutional neural networks. It is an interactive tool with a graphical user interface intended for interactive use by data scientists on the application level.

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TIA MODEL provides and enables the application of machine learning algorithms and needed to perform smart predictive maintenance for the SWP machinery.

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TIA ASP is an Apache StreamPipes based tool, it enables none technical users to select and execute machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance purposes.

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Slag model

The slag model is an integral part of the dynamic online model for post tap hole processing of liquid ferrosilicon. It uses real-time measured process data and continuously updates the optimal process route.

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First Order Models


FUSE is a tool for process input and state estimation, fusing plant physical model predictions with process measurements.

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SubFUSE is a state estimation (soft-sensory) tool which fuses subspace methods for system identification with Kalman filtering.

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FouMon is a fouling monitoring component. The component aims at monitoring on-line the state of fouling at heat exchange surfaces, using various alternative and redundant approaches.

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FouCon is a component for active control/prescriptive maintenance of process, derived based on the needs from the WP3 fouling control pilot problem.

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Cybernetica CENIT

Cybernetica CENIT is a tool for online estimation and nonlinear model predictive control. It can be used as both a soft sensing application and a control application.

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Cybernetica Cognitive CENIT

This is a planned extension of the existing Cybernetica CENIT that will add cognition to the application.

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Cybernetica Modelfit

Cybernetica ModelFit is a tool used for off-line estimation of model states and parameters, for model validation, and for design of the on-line estimation part of Cybernetica CENIT applications.

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Cybernetica RealSim

Cybernetica RealSim is a plant replacement process simulator used for testing of CENIT or other control applications.

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Cybernetica ProXim

Cybernetica ProXim is a software platform for building tailor-made process simulators using the same kind of process models as Cybernetica CENIT.

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Digital Twin Visualization and Control Tools & Services

2D Visualization


TIA UX supports the digital twin by means of visual components presenting the generated data which is retrieved from, and processed within other TIA components

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3D Visualization

Cybernetica Viewer

Cybernetica Viewer is a tool for creating user interfaces to display and manipulate data from an OPC server in various ways.

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